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(I have testimonials now!)

January 1st marked the start of my newest season, Romance. Overall my life is pretty fantastic, but I’m still looking for a long-term relationship, preferably on my way to marriage and at least one bio-kid within the next couple years. So I picked this season to really commit to that goal in every way I could think of, which includes things like just, you know, openly saying  to everyone who might find me interesting “Hey, I’m single and looking to date” and seeing what happens.

So if you’re here, maybe you’re interested in me based on my writing, or passions for rationality and psychology and fiction. If so, great! Those are things I enjoy talking about, so we’d probably get along well.

The quickest way to my heart, however, would be if you’re into some combination of rationality, video games, or writing. I say that because I’ve always been a very “activities oriented” boyfriend.  I enjoy cuddling together with a pair of books or watching a show, but everyone I’ve fallen in love with was through either playing games together, or co-writing/RP, or debating intellectual or philosophical topics.  If the idea of spending hours doing those things makes you happy, then there’s a good chance we’ll be able to make each other happier together than we would be apart.

The other thing that matters a lot to me is personal development. I feel deeply driven to constantly learn, grow, and improve myself in every way I can.  That’s not to say I consider myself “Type A,” since there are plenty of days where I just goof off, and generally have been told I give off very relaxed vibes. But if I notice something isn’t working for me or those I care about, I want to improve it, and I’m pretty agenty in doing so.

All of which is to say, I want someone who wants to be that way too, and puts the effort in to learn how, both by improving epistemics and on the instrumental level of active problem solving. Someone who will be happy to help me improve more than I could on my own, and is looking for someone to do the same for them.

So yeah, my standards are kind of high. But I’m not looking to fall in love with some perfect sculpture; it’s the sculptor that matters to me, the pattern-of-thoughts-and-values, the mind and “soul” that’s more real than who we are in any single slice of time.

So if you’re still interested, feel free to fill out this form and we’ll see what happens. If you already know me and are worried about “ruining the friendship,” I can promise with very high confidence that won’t happen. If you’re worried about looking foolish if you try and fail, I can also promise that I’ll always have nothing but respect for people who show vulnerability to reveal who they really are.

I am doing this, after all ^_o

(Also, I’m willing to relocate for romance if things work out well. Meanwhile we can get to know each other online, and since I work remotely, I’m happy to do short or long visits to spend time together if we hit it off!)

Walk with me a spell.

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