Dating Testimonials

A couple exes saw my dateme page and reached out to offer testimonials!

Stephanie – (Ex-)Girlfriend of 3 years

What is it like to date Damon?
The first time I met Damon was our first date, which lasted over 12 hours. There was nothing he couldn’t make engaging and he was chock-full of great conversation – still is! His interests are varied and his opinions are well-researched. Lovely friend material at least, but what makes him truly great “boyfriend material” is how much he cares for others – and this will be especially true for you, his dear future girlfriend. He will be there to support you during lows and cheer for you during highs. You will always be enough as you are and encouraged to be the best version of yourself everyday.

He’s also the perfect party boyfriend; if you’re ever somewhere where you don’t know anyone, he’ll introduce you to who he knows and give you time to chat/meet people on your own. He’ll stay present by meeting your gaze just often enough to check in, but not so often you feel like he coddling you, and if he notices you might need a sit he will keep you company, or subtly check if you want to leave.

Protip: Ask him for bedtime stories and he will make them up for you on the spot, every night.

Why did you break up?
I had to move away and he was not in a position to follow at the time. I have since met someone and hope he does too!

+ Honest
+ Considerate
+ Kind
+ Easy going
+ Great listener
+ Gives great advice
+ Joyous/Fast to laugh
+ Can beat the hard levels of video games for you
+ Intelligent
+ Well-read

– Too honest? – Not the type to tell you it’ll be ok when he knows it won’t be
– Stubborn – Though it’s hard to fault him for this, as he is often right

Overall rating:
“✰✰✰✰✰” / E for everyone

A – Most Recent Ex of ~1 year

Damon is super conscientious, amazingly introspective, and the most emotionally astute person I’ve ever met. He’s also very passionate about improving the world, and gets excited about rationality, his projects, his students’ lives, and improving himself. He is a good person; if I needed someone to hold a million dollars for me during a long outer space trip, I wouldn’t have a doubt in my mind those million dollars are safe.

In fact, you will always feel completely safe with Damon, whether in a friend way or romantic way. He’s an expert at not being judgmental (he’s a therapist) and great with boundaries. As a partner and friend, you’ll always feel like you have someone on your team, someone who sees the best in you and believes in you while being scrupulously honest.

We stopped dating because we both wanted someone who shared more of our individual interests, but if that’s not an issue for you then go for it!


  • Active rationalist and Effective Altruist
  • Deeply good and caring person
  • High agency in making things happen or working on things
  • Relaxing (by presence and great massages)
  • Always good at getting at root of any issue you might be facing
  • Always feel like he’s on your side and you’re a team
  • Intelligent and well read
  • Updates beliefs when you point out things he hasn’t thought of or ways he could improve. Speaking of which…

I tried coming up with things to balance all that out, but after writing each thing I realized he fixed it during or after we dated, so… yay Damon!

Room to Grow:

  • Can be overly cautious with romantic activities (some people are turned off by having to be explicit) Incredibly agentic once he learns what you like; also dating online during early COVID led to a slow start.
  • Doesn’t dress well Asked for help from his fashionable friends and now wears cute well-fitted tall clothing 🙂
  • Not athletic Now works out daily, became much more fit!

Good luck to you both!

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