Pokemon: The Origin of Species

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Red’s Flowchart and Goal Factoring

Audio Book by Mars Oliva

Chapter 1: Unreliable Predictions

Chapter 2: Fallacy of the Single Cause

Chapter 3: Memetics 101

Chapter 4: Operant Conditioning

Chapter 5: Personhood Theory

Chapter 6: Interlude I – The First Night

Chapter 7: Optimism Bias

Chapter 8: Priorities

Chapter 9: Delayed Gratification

Chapter 10: Avoidance

Chapter 11: Risk Assessment

Chapter 12: Interlude II – Shadows

Chapter 13: Theory Induced Blindness

Chapter 14: Desensitization

Chapter 15: False Dichotomies

Chapter 16: Diversions

Chapter 17: Tradeoffs

Chapter 18: Interlude III – Son of Stone

Chapter 19: Great Expectations

Chapter 20: Body and Mind

Chapter 21: Sample Bias

Chapter 22: The Decisive Path, Part I

Chapter 23: The Decisive Path, Part II

Chapter 24: The Art of Persuasion, Part I

Chapter 25: The Art of Persuasion, Part II

Chapter 26: The Right Questions

Chapter 27: Challenges

Chapter 28: Interlude IV – 2.351

Chapter 29: On the Road Again

Chapter 30: Over the Mountain

Chapter 31: Distractions

Chapter 32: Decisions

Chapter 33: Interlude V – Double Binds

Chapter 34: Redefining Priorities

Chapter 35: Deception

Chapter 36: The Shape of Things to Come

Chapter 37: Resolve

Chapter 38: Learning from Failure

Chapter 39: Hearsay

Chapter 40: Interlude VI – And Every Common Sight

Chapter 41: Adaptability

Chapter 42: Making Do

Chapter 43: Risk and Reward

Chapter 44: Premortem

Chapter 45: Goal Factoring

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