7 – Magic Systems, Part 2

Daystar and Alexander continue discussing magic systems, including advice on constructing one that’s rational and compelling.

Co-hosted by Alexander Wales

With thanks to Tim Yarbrough for the Intro/Outro music, G.A.T.O Must Be Respected


Worm, by Wildbow

The Two Year Emperor, by Eaglejarl

Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson

The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher

The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss


1:10 Sanderson’s Second Law: Limitations

8:25 Sanderson’s Third Law: Expand before adding

15:05 Exponential complexity and “Why didn’t anyone think of X?”

21:15 Designing Magic Resources

24:41 Designing Magic Power Levels

27:15 Ways to Limit Magic

29:20 Magic shouldn’t make your job easier as a writer.

32:51 Diversity in magic systems

39:20 Characters Have to Approach Magic/Technology Intelligently

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